Yellowdig Office Hours

For instructors and instructional designers, whether you're a new or experienced user, get your Yellowdig questions answered and learn something new at our monthly, hour-long session.

What to expect from office hours

Topic-based Discussions
 Some months have a specific topic that will kick off the conversation, making it ideal for new and returning users to attend. 
Platform Updates
 A walkthrough of new features and our best practices.
Instructor focus
 The conversations focus on the role of the instructor in using the platform.
Addressing questions
 Get answers to your most pressing questions on the spot!

Upcoming Office Hours Dates

June Topic: Your Role as Instructor and Easy Strategies for Effective Community-Building

Wednesday, June 8th, 2-3 pm (ET)


July Topic: Understanding Our Gameful Point System and How You Can Help Produce Quality Participation

Thursday, July 14th, 12-1 pm (ET)


August Topic: Using Topics to Keep Students on Track and Organize Your Community

Tuesday, August 16th, 1-2 pm (ET)



Bob Ertischek, J.D.

Senior Community Success Consultant, Yellowdig
brian verdine

Brian Verdine, Ph.D.

VP of Client Success, Yellowdig